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M2M CONDOS at YONGE AND FINCH - Condos and Townhomes


Hi it's Clara. Discover M2M Condos New release. Exciting things going on here at Yonge and Finch. 

The Developer, Aoyuan International, is probably one of the largest builders on the planet. The company has sites in different countries, including sites in Canada. And now sites in Toronto. 

One of the areas that Aoyuan focus on a lot is health and wellness. 

There is 8.6 acres of community in the heart of North York. Walking distance to the subway terminal line at Yonge. You've got access to GO Buses, the TTC Buses and the Finch Subway Train. And if you're not walking, you've got the option also in your car asyou're within 10 minutes of any highway in the city.

The site amenities offers the 80,000 plus sf of retail, 100,000 sf of office spacing on the podiums, the future park on the east side of the community. The builder is also looking forward to bringing forward a community center and day care. Invest or live in a community where everything is going to be at your feet. This offer such a great community to home owners, who are really, really excited. 

Located in the Yonge and Cummer neighborhood. it's in the southeast corner at the former NewtonbBrook Plaza. So the nice thing is it is a nice mix of the high rise development and the low rise. We did a quick check in terms of an entry point into the neighborhood. You're talking over $1 million for an old low rise home, plus 200 to 300K of renovation work to get it livable. So the entry point into the neighborhood is quite substantial.

And that's when a condo development like this becomes so much in demand when there's such a demand to live in the area. 


And there is that gap between the low rise and the high rise. And that's where this product fits so well nicely into the neighborhood. It's an upper or middle class neighborhood with a lot of wartime bungalows scattered throughout. And you're starting to see a lot of gentrification. 

Purchasing one of those low rise and even trying to get into the market in North York right now in terms of single family housing is a very, very difficult opposition. I think that's where M2M Condos comes in and offers that option. You're getting a lot of amenities at your doorstep. The other important thing to note here is we're not in the downtown core. That gives us investors advantages. There is little bit more space in these suite layouts. And lot's of function. Investors will get value for their dollar. Being able to offer that bigger space with all the local amenities at their feet, plus the building amenities. It's a great option for anybody looking to get in the market. 

The type of home buyers we've seen has been pretty consistent. There are alot of people that have grown up in the North York, or wanting to stay in the North York area, or even downsize, maybe perhaps getting a smaller suite in one of our towers, coming back to this area.

A lot of people from Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hill and in and around that area are wanting to come back to North York because of growing up and knowing what the community itself and the neighborhood has to offer. So we're really excited to be able to add to that and give people that option and that choice. 

One of the things that we've noticed from our purchasers is that we're finding a lot of end users in this building. 

This is a specific kind of building that the End users and people want to move into. It's very different from your typical Investor building. These are the kinds of buildings that do hold their value so well because it is attracting that person that does want to live in the building. 

We've had a lot of end users. Actually up to 70 percent of the buyers are end users. 

Many elements make this project very unique to be able to have that offering that caters to a wide range of people and and certainly bringing in the end users. It becomes a stronger community and stronger development when you have a lot more end users. 

Then there is the importance of masterplan communities. 

For investors time and time again, when they're able to invest early into a masterplan community as opposed to a single Tower, the return on those investments tends to be very, very strong because you're buying into phase one. But as the second, third, fourth, fifth building comes along, it gets better and better for them as the prices keep increasing. 

In addition, it does take a very special developer to be able to pull off a masterplan community. Bringing in all these elements, the residential, commercial, the retail, the community center, the day care. A lot of developers are just not able to put it all together. 

Also most developers are NOT ready to give up half the land towards public space, which is not the case for this developer, and a huge deal for this community. 

So as an investor, focus on getting in early on a masterplan and choosing the development team that is able to pull off a masterplan.

Bringing that masterplan community and living the mantra of building a healthy lifestyle. Really really excited to see this development here in North York. it's very rare to see a park. Very rare to see a community center and a daycare center all in one community. There's an offering here that a lot of end users are very attracted to. Enjoy all the existing restaurants and shops. Up and down Yonge street and along North York are some really great restaurants, entertainment shops. 

M2M started construction back in September of 2019. Broke ground and started with excavation, 

This is a new release. So we've seen two buildings released. Very well, very well received. Now, the North Tower. The south tower sold out quickly.

M2M is about 80 percent sold out.

So at 80 percent sold and still an opportunity to be one of the first to get in a master plan community. And it is still early if they want to get on this new release. Something exciting this time around as well. We've got some towers we're offering on the east side of that first phase. Facing that future beautiful park is twenty five townhomes in this release. Two-storey towns, and each level of those towns has a solid value proposition. We have some with rooftop patios. We have some where the the patios spills out into the beautiful courtyard inside the center podium. And then the value proposition of our townhomes at the base of the podium where you can have direct access to the street from the public road and sidewalk.

All facing that future public park. So we're really excited about those. They've done a really good job with the suite layouts for the tower units. There is a little bit more room in these townhomes, which range from 1060sf all the way to over 1350sf 

The interest has been tremendous. 

So in addition to the townhomes, there is some Sky collection units and lower penthouse units, with alot of units ranging from 700sf to 1210sf.

We still have a few great podium units left as well. They've been very, very popular for end users or investors who may not want that tower unit. I think that's a great option. 

Again, 80 percent sold out. We've got one of the largest builders on the planet with the history of doing large scale developments, not just in Toronto, but across Canada and across the world. 

The key is masterplan communities and the importance of getting in early into a into a multifaceted and multiphase development with residential and commercial and retail and a park. A Location, which is steps to a subway. Everything is at your doorstep from restaurants to grocery. Amazing Suite designs. High Demand Area that's attracted a lot of end users, which is very, very important. And then we've got this exciting new release. 

We're under construction. 

Get in, get in there early. Allow us to guide you through the process. Contact us now and you'll be receiving the packages very shortly so you'll be able see pricing, suite layouts, and learn about all the great amenities and all the great features and everything M2M has to offer.

I think you're going to be very, very happy.

Clara Chan, Broker and New Home Specialist




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Market Trend For Yonge and Finch Condos


  • 15.2% Average Yearly Appreciation Since 2015
  • 76.2% Average Price Total Appreciation Since 2015
  • 8.2% Average Yearly Appreciation Since 2010 since 2010
  • 102.7% Average Price Total Appreciation Since 2010
  • 10 Year Chart at Yonge and Finch (1 Bedroom Condo)

    Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.25.55 AM

    5 Year Chart at Yonge and Finch (1 Bedroom Condo)

    Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.36.35 AM
    Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.35.41 AM

    3rd Floor Amenities - 2 Storey Fitness  Centre, Outdoor Courtyard, Yoga Studio

    9th Floor Amenities - Rest of the Amenities 

    Rooftop Terrace - Swimming Pool

    Ground Floor - Grocery Store and Shops

    Condo Address: 5915 Yonge St, Toronto

    Nearest Intersection: Yonge St and Finch Ave E

    Developer: Aoyuan International

    North Tower: 34 Storeys, 250 Units

    South Tower: 36 Storeys, 291 Units

    Podium: 8 Storeys

    Occupancy: Summer 2022

    Maintenance Fees: Approx. $0.57/sqft (Suite, Common Element Maintenance, Gas, Excludes Hydro & Water)

VIP Client Testimonials and Reviews

Clara Chan
Developer Approved Platinum Broker
Client Testimonials and Reviews
Ravita and Terry - CG Towers - Vaughan - Preconstruction Condo 
My husband Terry and I were very fortunate to have Clara as our agent on the recent purchase of an investment condo. Clara was so easy to deal with. She guided us with patience through the entire process and was always readily available to answer any questions. She pays great attention to detail. During the signing the builder made an error with the deposit structure and she was quick to catch it. She definitely puts her clients interest first.
We will highly recommend Clara.
Ravita and Terry
Clara Chan – provided a straightforward, genuine, and informative services in regards to my family’s pre-construction condo purchase. She puts her clients’ goals as priority and supported us by being resourceful. Most importantly, communicating with Clara, felt comfortable due to her positive vibe and easy because she is focused at fulfilling her clients’ needs. 
During the process of purchasing a condo unit, we ended up requesting a unit switch to a much more lower purchase price model. As soon as we informed Clara of the decision, she acted quickly and secured the unit for us. While, also helping us process the needed documents with her support and keeping us inform of the status. 
We highly recommend her because she truly cares, quick and knowledgeable. Thank you very much Clara! :) 
Jeni and Petar - 250 Lawrence - Preconstruction
Dear Clara,
I would like to thank you for the efficient and invaluable service you provided to us during our recent purchase of condo in Toronto.
I and my husband Petar feel so fortunate to have met you during our home search! You are truly the best!! You have been there for us every step of the way and we really appreciate all the help that you gave to us. I always felt so comfortable talking to you, calling you at any time and discussing the obstacles that came up on the way.
You really exceeded our expectations of an agent and I very much appreciate your professionalism, the assistance and support that we received.
Thank you for helping us of becoming homeowners. We really can not thank you enough for everything that you have done.
I wish you all continuing success in your endeavours.
Kind Regards,
Jeni and Petar
Jenny - Pinnacle Toronto East - Pre-construction
Jenny D. - "I wanted to purchase a condo and was very specific in terms of location. I was researching different projects and came across a condo that was already under construction. After searching for more information for that condo, I found Clara’s website. With that said, Clara introduced me to another project that was pre-construction nearby. After lots of messages back and forth, Clara made a suggestion on a unit based on what I was looking for in unit size and price.
Clara was very responsive and very patient with my questions. Clara was also very tolerant with my preferred means of communication: text messages and emails."
Val - Yonge and Eglinton at City Lights - Pre-construction Assignment
"Clara provided excellent customer service when she helped me purchase a condo. She was very proactive and knowledgeable about the condo market. I would definitely recommend working with her. Thank you for such a great experience Clara. It means so much to me that I was able to buy what I wanted so quickly. Your patience and the time you spent answering my question to make sure I was comfortable with my decisions along the way means a lot."
Thank you
Camille B. - West Condos - Bathurst and King - Preconstruction
"Clara Chan is an awesome Realtor who genuinely cares for her clients. I met her after inputting my information online expressing interest In pre-development Condo projects. She contacted me after some back and forth emails and we agreed to meet at a presentation centre. The rest was history! She was very informative and helpful and I eventually chose a project that has now increased significantly and the project has not been constructed. She is an absolute God sent."
Thank you
S.K - Mobilio Condos - Jane and Highway 7 - Preconstruction
“Clara was very knowledgeable about the condo market and very responsive to my questions and needs. She was also very resourceful and has a great network she uses to help her clients”
Matthew W. - Tretti Condos - Allen/Wilson - Preconstruction
Clara was very helpful in purchasing my first pre-construction condo. She is very responsive even answering emails on her vacation!
She was there every step of the way with connections to mortgage specialists and lawyers to streamline the process. Thanks Clara!
Matthew W
Echo W. - Line 5 Condos - Yonge and Eglinton - Preconstruction
Clara is a professional real estate agent. She is very responsive any time we have questions and she is caring and willing to help out any other problem you have in your life. I will recommend her to any friend of mine who wants to purchase a property.
Vivian V. - Edge Towers - Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe - Preconstruction
 "Great job, very helful and experience". 
Vivian V
Phil.L - Time and Space - Front and Lower Sherbourne - Preconstruction 
and - Dundas and Carlaw - Resale Condo
"Clara has been extremely helpful and informative. Couldn't be happier with my condo purchase!"
Dr. Danny V. - Dundas and Church - Social Condos - Preconstruction
and - Bathurst and Richmond - 543 Condos - Preconstruction
 "How Clara got to me was both a surprise and a mystery. I just thought she has set up something which can reach someone who 's in the hunt to purchase a condo.
I was really looking for one along the Entertainment corridor close to King Street downtown Toronto. Initialy, I was already in touch online with some sales agents but they could not deliver what I was looking for and what I wanted.
One time, I kept surfing online until the early morning hours which led me to call Clara.who immediately responded. I just thought she was on 24/7 and perhaps was also handling some Theater District projects. Looking for a unit that I wanted there was just so competitive and frustrating. Nevertheless, Clara had all the options laid out for me including the Social on Church and Dundas which I eventually settled with and got what I wanted.
Clara was incredibly prompt with response keeping me abreast of the situation at any time. She can open the door to something you may be looking for with her intuition and foresight. Fortunately, as we're already familiar with the Dundas Square and Chinatown district which is close to the Social's site, everyone in our the family especially my wife was in conformity with our choice.
I would surely vouch for and recommend Clara to any prospective buyer. She was on top of all concerns and was able to remain focused inspite of her busy schedule. She was amazingly equipped for real estate solutions."
Dr Danny V.
Mohamed Barkat - Mechanical Millwright - Don Mills and Sheppard - Verde Condos - Preconstruction
"I contacted Clara to help me get access a pre-construction condo during the VIP phase. it was during the Christmas holidays and the developer's office was closed. But she assured me that she will follow-up with me after the new year when the builder's presentation centre opens again. And as promised, Clara did follow-up and arranged an appointment with the builder office to view the model and choose a unit. She helped me and advised me on a 2 bedroom condo purchase next to Fairview Mall. I needed the Mortgage Pre-approval asap, and with Clara's help, I was able to obtain the Pre-approval letter quickly, as promised.
Overall I am very satisfied by with my New Condo purchase with Clara. She is speedy and professional, detail, and would happily refer her to friends and family.
You are my best friend Clara"
Mohamed Barkat
Ali Torabi - M2M Condos - Yonge and Finch - Preconstruction
"we are in the market in Toronto area to buy condo, we found M2M condos and come across to Clara which she is the sales agent on this building, she provide us complete information about this building found so helpful, she answer all my questions,politely, knowledgeable and efficient verses the other agents we contact, so we decided to continue with her. when we called or text, she respond quick.
Highly commanded, you will be impressed with her 5 star customer service."
Ali Torabi 
Pankaj K - M City - Confederation Pkwy and Burhamthorpe - Preconstruction
When I recently began to look for a condo in GTA, I talked with several agents and went with Clara Chan. Clara kept me in the loop on all aspects of the process via regular emails and phone calls.
She was always helpful, organized and knowledgeable about the area and was able to answer every question I threw her way. She was very personable and thorough in the entire experience. We would certainly recommend Clara to others.
Pankaj K
Saeed E - CG Towers - Jane and Highway 7 - Preconstruction
I recently decided to purchase a condo in GTA as an investing. The process purchasing a property is always stressful and challenging. I was almost bought one by an agent who I didn't know him very well, I realized that he was pushing me to buy one, and I felt there is something wrong, why so much rush?? until I found Clara. I was lucky that ,I met her, Thank to her, she knows all GTA and all preconstruction projects, she carefully listened to me. After I told her what is my budget, and my goal, she explained about different area, projects and advantage and disadvantage of each location, after I talked to her I realized my knowledge about investing in real estate was ZERO. I would highly recommend Clara Chan. She is extremely professional , knowledgeable, listener and the most important, client's benefit is her priority.
Gurinder K. - Tretti Condos - Allen Rd and Wilson - Preconstruction
Clara helped me get my first home in Canada. She was very helpful and knowledgeable during the whole process. She was very responsive and readily available for any questions. She made sure my needs are met.
I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reliable and experienced professional.
Gurinder K
A. Wilson - Tretti Condos - Allen Rd and Wilson - Preconstruction
"Thanks to Clara Chan, we are steps closer to achieving our home ownership goals! She is very responsive, and accessible 24/7 which accommodates unorthodox schedules. We would definitely recommend Clara for your next real estate endeavour."
- A. Wilson        
R & J Couple - Ajax Townhome - Resale
Being first time buyers it was important to work with an agent that would help us find the right home. Clara was very helpful and patient with our needs and questions throughout our search for a new home. 
Just so happens, when we found the home we wanted, Clara was on vacation and she stopped what she was doing to make sure we had all the paper work and handled negotiations for us. 
With her hard work and strong negotiation ability, we now have our first house and under the listed price.
- From R & J
Will L. - Condo at Leslie and Shepperd 
Clara helped me buy my first home. When I started my search I had a load of questions and really had no clue about what I wanted. Clara guided me through the complex market and helped me narrow down my search for a home that is comfortable to live in and also a good long term investment. Clara always made herself available 24/7 to answer my questions over the phone and in person.
I felt that without Clara's wealth of experience, her great references and assertive attitude I would not have felt comfortable during the bidding process and may have delayed my purchase. It was definitely an advantage to have Clara beside me through this whole experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone else looking to buy a home or an investment.
- Will
Alvin and Alice - Tretti Condos - Allen Rd and Wilson - Preconstruction
My partner and I were first time home buyers and we were looking for a pre-construction condo project with a subway station nearby so that it would be quick for us to commute downtown for work. While we wanted to get in the market and own our first home, we did not want a unit that would be too much of a financial burden because we both wanted flexibility to focus on our careers.
Clara was very client-centric and focused on the projects that matched our goals. She helped us apply for the first-time home buyers program and we ended up purchasing a 2 bedroom unit at Wilson and 401 with the Wilson subway station just 0 mins away! We are very excited about our purchase and would definitely recommend Clara to all first-time home buyers!
Alvin and Alice